About Me!

Hi! My name is Linden, and I’m a daycare provider, student, foodie, bookworm, bento mom, karaoke queen, globetrotter, and self-love advocate living in Canada! I am also a health and fitness coach <3

If you’ve ever felt like you’re stumbling through life trying to make sense of the “perfect, balanced lifestyle” and coming up short, welcome to my tribe! I spent most of my life up until 2018 trying to achieve the milestones, balance, and expectations that society told me would bring me joy. Instead, I found depression, anxiety, pressure, and a spinning compass that was my sense of direction in life!

Now, my sense of geographical direction is still a hot mess, but through learning to live a more intuitive life of imbalance that works for ME, I have found joy, self-love, an appreciation for the world around me, and a tribe of incredible friends and family that help make me the best version of myself. Join me in my journey of push ups, puppies, parenting, pasta, and new possibilities!